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The Austen's Communitas event supports the Brain Aneurysm Foundation with the funds to continue to create education and awareness materials, run support groups nationwide, and enables the brightest minds in the neurological field to continue their vital research. The generosity of participants, donors, sponsors and volunteers of this event, contribute to our mission to help save lives and improve outcomes for survivors.

Austen's Story

Austen passed away suddenly from complications of a massive ruptured brain aneurysm on September 24, 2016, at the young age of 23. Up until that time Austen had seemed completely healthy, eating healthy foods and exercising daily. There were no outward signs that a brain aneurysm was present. Her loss has been devastating to her friends and family. Our goal is to raise awareness and funding to further the study of this awful medical condition that affects so many people, and to support other families that have had similar experiences. In keeping with Austen's belief in Communitas, an idea that when people go through an experience together a special bond is created, please come out and support this worthy cause that both honors Austen and supports brain aneurysm research.





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