Fundraising Tips and Tricks

When you participate in a Brain Aneurysm Foundation event, the funds you raise help to support our mission to raise awareness, educate medical professionals, provide support to those affected by brain aneurysms, advocate for change, and fund critical research. Every dollar counts!


Tips for getting your fundraising started

•  Lead by example: Make a self-donation to show your commitment to the cause.

•  Update your personal fundraising page with your story — your reason for participating in the event.

•  Link your fundraising page with your Facebook account and share it with your social network.

•  Send pre-written emails from your Participant Center to ask for support from friends, family, and co-workers.

•  Host a game night, bake sale or other fundraising event.


Quick ways to raise $100 for your event t-shirt (actually only $65 because your registration counts towards your total raised!)

•  Email 5 friends asking for $20

•  Cook meals at home for a couple of weeks instead of going out or getting takeout and put the money you would have spent aside for a donation.

•  Hold a garage sale to sell clothes and other household items you no longer use and put your earnings towards your fundraising efforts.

•  See if your workplace matches charitable gifts HERE

•  Print and complete the BAF fundraising square game HERE