What is Day of Engagement?

Day of Engagement is a unique day to collectively show support for the mission of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Together we can preserve the past, promote the present, and fund the future.

When is Day of Engagement?

Our second annual Day of Engagement will take place on September 21, 2023, during Brain Aneurysm Awareness month, where we recognize all who make our mission possible, and celebrate our annual Research Grant Symposium which has awarded nearly $5 million in research funding since its start in 2007.

How Can I Help?

MAKE A GIFT Join hundreds of other supporters in spreading awareness, educating others about the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of brain aneurysms, furthering advocacy efforts, and funding critical research.

BECOME AN AMBASSADOR Create a profile and fundraising dashboard to share your story with your personal network and invite them to join you in making a gift.

SPREAD THE WORD Sharing our mission and raising awareness of brain aneurysms is critically important. Brain aneurysms are treatable – but you have to know you have one. Educate your network about the signs, symptoms, and risk factors.


Where Does My Donation Go?

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