Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with my fundraiser?

  • Start by picking your activity - turn a hobby or outing into a meaningful experience that supports a lifesaving mission. If you’re hosting an event, think about your date, venue, registration price, and fundraising goal. Not sure which type of activity to do? Check out our list of ideas!
  • Think about your budget, create a timeline, ask family/friends to volunteer, reach out to potential sponsors, and make a plan to promote your fundraiser. 
  • Share your BrainPower page with friends, family, and the community.
  • Thank your donors, participants, and supporters!
  • For more tips, timelines, and information, please review our fundraising toolkit. 


What support can I expect from BAF?

  • Staff Support: our event staff are an email or call away to share key resources and provide additional ideas to make sure your fundraiser/event is a success! Please email for more support or guidance. 
  • Website: Your BrainPower site will be the landing page for your DIY fundraiser - you can customize all relevant details and collect donations directly on your BrainPower page. 
  • Social media: BAF will do our best to share any tagged social posts about upcoming fundraisers or events. We love to showcase our incredible fundraisers who make our mission possible! 
  • Materials: Request materials for your event such as information on brain aneurysms, awareness bracelets, and more. Materials are subject to availability. Please contact to submit a request at least 30 days prior to your event. 


What am I responsible for when I plan my fundraiser?

  • Expenses related to your fundraiser: All expenses incurred will be the organizer's responsibility. The Brain Aneurysm Foundation cannot open bank accounts to support events or fundraising activities. 
  • Submitting Donations/Event Proceeds: Donations made to your personal BrainPower fundraising page are submitted directly to BAF. Only those individuals who make a donation directly to your BrainPower donation page or write a check to the BAF will be eligible for a tax receipt for their donation. 


What else do I need to consider?

  • Promoting your fundraiser: When planning your event, the Brain Aneurysm Foundation should be listed as the beneficiary to your event with the language “to benefit” or “to support” the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.
  • Logo and Brand Usage: While we encourage you to use the Brain Aneurysm Foundation logo in connection with your fundraising effort, we ask that you don’t stretch, distort, or change the color.


How do I collect and submit cash and/or check donations?

  • You may collect donors’ checks made payable to “Brain Aneurysm Foundation” and send them directly to BAF at the address below.  These donations will be processed and acknowledged by the Brain Aneurysm Foundation under the organization’s tax identification number. Please include a note with the checks with the name of your fundraiser so they can be credited properly. 
  • If you receive cash or checks made out to you personally - you may deposit the checks or cash, and then send a check made out to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation for the deposited amount or make an online donation to your BrainPower page for the deposited amount. If the community organizer submits donations this way, only the organizer will receive acknowledgment from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. The organizer is responsible for following IRS guidelines for tax-deductible donations.


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